Our Mission

The Point Blank Riders (RC) is dedicated to the passion of riding. We accept all types of motorcyles. We aim to provide a forum for everyone from the casual rider to the professional rider to share this passion. We also seek to promote motorcycle awareness on the road and safe riding practices.

Point Blank. We Ride.


You're awesome. You recently or long ago made the decision that something on two wheels was going to be an extension of your life. You want to share that extension with others who have also made the same decision.


We too made the same decision long ago about motorcycles, we've since started riding together in a shared passion of excitement, adrenaline and freedom that only riders really can understand.

The Club

The common ground where we all come together in unity. Backed by a name, fueled by a cause and founded with membership in mind .

About Us

It started with a group of us who found a huge demand for all the riders in the Columbia Basin to come together and form something that is bigger then all of us. An avenue that would lead the professional riders, the casual riders and all those in between to a place we could call home with a family of friends where together we make some truly badass memories. Point Blank Riders is about community amongst each other and amongst those we ride.

When life throws curves, Take them