Track Day FAQ

Riders are split into three groups according to their riding ability: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. If you've never ridden a track day before, you'll start in Novice.
The Novice group is very structured, with control riders acting as instructors; passing is anywhere except in the corners.

The Intermediate group is less supervised and structured, with control riders looking at riding ability, encouraging faster or slower riders to move up or down a class. Passing is allowed anywhere except the inside of a turn; braking areas and turns exits are allowed.

The Advanced group has very little supervision with control riders present to spot unsafe riding. Passing is allowed anywhere on the track and the group is run very much like an open racing practice.

Control riders are the instructors and pace setters of the track. They will determine if you need to move up or down a class, according to your skill and comfort level, and must occasionally act as policemen to keep the track safe. The number of control riders will be determined by the size of the group on the track. It is encouraged to follow an instructor to increase knowledge of the track.
Yes, depending on the track there will be workers present and will alert you with flags about hazards on the track.
The fastest and easiest way to register for Track Day events is to head over to our facebook page.

Yes, we limit the number of participants per class, per event to provide the safest environment possible. Events fill up fast so to ensure your spot we strongly recommend you register in advance. Once all spots fill up for a group we no longer sell tickets for that group.
Once you have registered for a track day, you may cancel up to 14 days prior to the event for a track day credit, No cancellations will be accepted less than 14 days prior to an event; however, you may sell/ transfer your spot to another rider.
We ride in the rain or during the shine. Rain isn't a reason not to ride, many would argue it's an extra edge to refine your skills by concentrating more on technique rather than speed..
Registration information, food for lunch and beverages, extra gas, a canopy, spare equipment, tools, and an open mind and willingness to learn.
Yes, Please bring $5 cash per person to enter. Please bring $20 or less in bills. Anything larger poses problems breaking the bill.

Yes, depending on what group you are riding in. Please see your group rules for specifics.
Basically, we are looking for a bike that is clean and in good working order. Specific items relating to bodywork, engine, brakes, and chassis and suspension will be checked at the track by our inspectors. If any of these items are found unsatisfactory and can not be rectified, you will be disqualified from participating for the day.

Please refer to our tech inspection under your group category for specifics.

Novice, and Intermediate riders are not required to have any items wired, but we strongly recommend doing it anyway. Advanced riders are required to have specific items safety wired. Oil drain plug, oil fill plug, oil filter
Yes, Lights and reflectors should be taped over with masking, electrical, or plastic-type tape or covers. Unplug taped lights because bulbs can overheat and tape glue gets messy when hot.
Yes. If this isn't possible they must fold up and the mirror must be taped.
We recommend at least 2/32 of tread over the wear bar. This is per day and varies greatly depending on your skill level, suspension settings, the tire make and compound, and the bike you’re riding. When in doubt, replace them.

No, you are responsible for your own medical and insurance. That being said we do have medical teams on standby in the event of an emergency.
Fuel - $5/gallon 92 Ethenol Free
Food Vendors - Variable
Tire Vendors - Variable
Suspension Vendors - Variable
Alcohol consumption and illegal substances are strictly prohibited at any PBR Track Event.

Having any medical issues that require to use such substances does not give you permission to

If you do crash, we will determine if it was caused by reckless or unsafe riding, if so we reserve the right to eject you from the event.

If it was a simple accident, and you and your bike are cleared to continue we will allow you back on the track.

Drugs, Alcohol, Reckless Riding, Misuse of Tech Stickers, Unregistered riders, We reserve the right to refuse admission to any individual. Those ejected from an event forfeit any payments for the day.
All riders are required to read and sign a "Release of Liability" waiver on the date of event during morning registration.

This waiver states that participation in a track day event is dangerous and you will not hold, Point Blank Riders, their staff or other riders liable.