We observe safe group rides by maintaining the following rules.

Stay in staggered formation. Our Road Captains and Tail Gunners will take the front and rear of the pack. Lane changes will be made as a group, with the Tail Gunner (Sweep/Rear Rider) changing first to prevent any vehicles from separating the group from the rear. Then the rest of the group will merge. If you wish to change your position within the center of the pack you're free to do so, just do it carefully and allow your fellow riders time to adjust. With the exception of some straight away pulls, we'll observe this formation and structure.

Free Ride! You are free to ride however you want, just so much as you are respectful and considerate to the safety of the group. If the Back Road's turn into Twisties. Please observe the Twisties guidelines during that time.
Respect your fellow riders, and allow faster riders to pass, do this by hugging the right side of the road. Ride at your own pace. This cannot be stressed enough. It's never alright or cool to ride beyond your limits just to try to keep up. Allow the riders positions to naturally adjust based on speed and comfortability. During the straights observe a staggered ride formation.