I. Mission Statement

The Point Blank Riders (RC) is dedicated to the passion of riding. We accept all types of motorcycles. We aim to provide a forum for everyone from the casual rider to the professional rider to share this passion. We also seek to promote motorcycle awareness on the road and safe riding practices.

Point Blank. We Ride.

II. Creation and Ownership

The Point Blank Riders Riding Club was created through the united respect, ideals, beliefs and mutual sense of family, by the founding Members

  • Angel Alvarez
  • Harley Grinder
  • Michael Lodden
  • Jordan Mayorga
  • Greg Ramos
  • Jasen Ray
  • Austen Richards
  • Adrian Rodriguez

These founding Members hereafter reserve all rights to the control and design of the Riding Club colors, name, copyright, state mark, and federal trademark. The founding Members will always maintain ownership of the Club, to ensure the Club is lead in the path set forth by their vision.

III. History of Club Name

The history and meaning behind the Name of Point Blank Riders is as follows:

Point Blank Riders as a name is exactly that…Point Blank. No matter the club or organization, it means that each member and associate is dedicated to their respective passion or hobby. It is what makes them happy, what makes them free. The stress and tension of the world and responsibilities are temporarily forgotten, no longer in the forefront of your mind and for a short moment the only thing that matters is the road ahead and brothers beside you.

IV. Rank Structure

  • President
    • President shall be the General Executive Head of the club and shall be Ex Officio.
    • The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and Council.
    • The President may not vote on any motion presented to the board unless there is a tie.
    • To assist officers in the interpretation of their club responsibilities, and to promote club life among members in general.
  • Vice President
    • At the request of the President, or in the event of his absence or disability, the Vice
      President shall possess and perform the powers of the President.
    • The Vice President will assume any role of a missing council member during council meetings.
  • Treasurer
    • Treasurer shall have custody of all funds and property of the club, subject to such regulations as may be imposed by the entire Council, in such sum and with such sureties as the entire Council may require.
    • They shall receive all club funds, depositing the same in the name of the club in such bank or trust company as may
      be designated by the entire Council and keep accurate record of all receipts and disbursements.
    • When necessary or proper, they may co-sign with the President/VP on behalf of the club, checks, notes, and other obligations, given on behalf of the club.
    • They shall not make any disbursement of club funds, other than club administrative expenses in excess of one hundred dollars ($100.00) without prior approval of the entire Council.
    • They shall enter regularly, on the books of the club to be kept by them for the purpose, full and accurate account of all monies and obligations received and paid or incurred by them for or on account of the club, and shall exhibit such books at all reasonable times to any board member on application.
    • They shall make a full report of the financial status of the club at each monthly meeting and upon request, at any meeting of the Council.
    • They shall, in general, perform all duties incident to the office of Treasurer, subject to the control of the Council.
    • They shall collect all dues from membership and turn the same over to the treasurer upon demand, taking a receipt therefore.
  • Administrator
    • The Administrator shall have charge of such books, documents, and papers as the entire Council may determine.
    • The Administrator shall attend all meetings of the club and
      the board, and shall keep the minutes of all meetings.
    • They shall keep a record, containing names, alphabetically arranged, of all the members of the club, showing
      their places of residence and such book shall be open for inspection as prescribed by law.
    • They shall give adequate notice to all members in advance of the monthly meeting or any special meeting of the club, and shall make a full report of the membership status of the club at each monthly meeting.
    • At the request of the President, or as otherwise provided Herein, they shall give adequate notice of all meetings of the Council.
  • Sergeant at Arms
    • The Sergeant at Arms will maintain order at club meetings and will ensure that no unauthorized individuals enter the meeting place.
    • They will ensure that members adhere to club rulings,
      policies, and expected models of conduct when dealing with other members or outsiders.
  • Council Members
    • The Council as a whole represent the five titled positions as well as an additional four voted members that also attend council meetings and represent the voice of the members.
    • Council is support leadership.
    • Everyone on the council has a say in the organization and future plans of the club based on membership votes.
    • Council Members are expected to uphold the reputation of the club and keep club image in mind just as much as a title position.
    • Council is required to take a First Aid Certification that the club will pay for.
  • Road Captain
    • Road Captains are an achievement rank within the club and are designated to individuals who have shown leadership and navigational awareness during our rides.
    • Only Road Captains are allowed to lead our sanctioned rides.
    • The Road Captain shall be responsible for directing the movements of the Club while traveling together in a safe and lawful manner.
    • The Road Captain shall assist in setting routes for upcoming events and/or rides, and he shall be responsible for keeping that route in the event of detours or road hazards.
    • The Road Captain is responsible for the safety of the rider, thus he is expected to take a safety survey of all bikes before a ride to eliminate any noticeable safety issues.
    • The Road Captain is expected to work with other Road Captains  and Tail Gunner to promote efficiency of the ride and maintain tightness of formation.
  • Tail Gunner
    • Tail Gunners are an achievement rank within the club and are designated to individuals who have shown leadership and navigational awareness during our rides.
    • Will assist the Road Captain in the performance of his or her duties.
    • Responsible for bringing a First Aid kit to the ride.
    • Responsible for bringing a well-stocked tool kit to the ride.
    • Will assist anyone that crashes or falls behind.
    • Will ride at the rear of the group.
    • Lane protection. The Tail Gunner will communicate with the road captain when it is safe for the group to switch lanes, and be the first to make the lane change protecting the lane and keep it clear for the rest of the group to transition.
  • The Nine
    • This is our designation for the nine founders who came together to make Point Blank Riders (RC) happen.
      This is a title exclusive to Founders only.
  • Miscellaneous Positions
    • Council may elect to create optional positions not stated herein
      (including, but not limited to: Chaplain, Support Vehicle Driver, etc.) as the need for such positions arise.

V. Membership Requirements

To be considered for Membership in Point Blank Riders (RC), one must adhere to the following protocols:

  1. Membership Application
    1. Sign and complete the Point Blank Riders (RC) Membership Application, indicating an agreement to abide by and maintain the integrity of the Point Blank Riders (RC) By-laws.
  2. Non-Compete Clause
    1. Sign and complete the Non-Compete Clause, indicating an agreement to not pursue a similar Club (by Name, Patch Design, Colors or Trademark) or use any Club documents in competition or against Point Blank Riders (RC).  Applicant will also be subject to a standard background investigation that will indicate any former criminal activity and/or issues regarding the character of the applicant which may hinder the good name of the Point Blank Riders (RC).
  3. Background Checks
    1. Each Member may be subject to periodic background checks at the discretion of the council to ensure the character of the Member and the sanctity of the good name of the Point Blank Riders (RC).
  4. Responsibility
    1. Be responsible for the proper conduct and licensing of any and all fundraisers, raffles, or events that raise monies for Club business and/or charities, and to do so in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.
  5. Motorcycle Requirements
    1. All Point Blank Riders Members, including Prospect Members, must own and operate a motorcycle of 250cc or above.  Members must possess a valid motorcycle operator’s license or permit, along with current motorcycle insurance when traveling out of state.
  6. Payment & Delivery of Colors
    1. Point Blank Riders (RC) will deliver that Member’s colors to his or her President, who will then bestow the colors upon that Member when full Membership rights have been performed.
  7. Conflicts of Interest
    1. Point Blank Riders (RC) Members are prohibited from being a Member of any other Motorcycle Club and will be required to wear Point Blank Riders (RC) colors at any organized event at which the Point Blank Riders (RC) is being represented.
  8. Full Disclosure
    1. Point Blank Riders (RC) requires full disclosure of its Members; therefore, if a Member finds himself (or herself) in legal or moral trouble that might jeopardize the name of the club, that Member is expected to notify his/her President immediately.  That President shall construct a plan to deal with the issue.
  9. Mandatory Prospect Period
    1. All Members of the Point Blank Riders (RC) will observe a mandatory Prospect period of 5 events after declaring they wish to join and a sponsor has been assigned or determined, the events are to be as follows. 3 Ride Events, 1 Social Event (Bike Nights, BBQ's, Ride & Dines etc), 1 Club Meeting.

VI. Prospect Membership

  1. Sponsorship & Inductions
    1. An individual who desires Membership with the Point Blank Riders (RC) shall have a Full Member in good standing as a sponsor.  
    2. The sponsor must have personal knowledge of the Prospect Member and have been with the club for a minimum of 1 riding season.
    3. The sponsoring Member shall introduce the Prospect to the Council. The prospect must then attend two sanctioned events, during which two Council members must approve then Council will sit down with the prospect and shall have the opportunity to question the candidates’ qualifications, knowledge of the Club’s mission and philosophy, and reasons for joining the Club.
    4. The Prospect Member shall then be dismissed from the meeting, and attending Council Members shall discuss that Prospect’s Prospect status. Induction as a Prospect shall be based on majority vote.
  2. Sponsorship Consequences
    1. In the event a member sponsors two unfit riders as voted by the council, that member will lose the ability to sponsor for the rest of the season.
    2. As it is the members duty to watch over their prospect, should a members prospect reflect poorly on club integrity that member may be held liable for the prospects actions at the clubs discretion.
  3. Voting Privileges
    1. Prospect Members do not have voting privileges in Point Blank Riders (RC)

VII. Associate Membership

  1. Spouses, Children, and other Family
    1. Spouses, children, and family members of Full Patched Members shall be considered Associates, and shall be permitted to wear the Point Blank Riders (RC) “Associate” sleeve.
  2. Full Member Responsibility
    1. Full Members are responsible for their Associate, and shall be held responsible for any misuse of or damage to the Point Blank Riders (RC) colors, as well as any slander or degradation of the Point Blank Riders (RC) name.
  3. Suspension & Termination
    1. Associates are subject to the same suspension and termination procedures as are full Members according to the Point Blank Riders (RC) Constitution and By-laws.
  4. Attendance at Events
    1. Associates may attend any Point Blank Riders (RC) event or activity, and will be expected to adhere to the Codes of Conduct of the Point Blank Riders (RC), and will maintain the integrity of the Point Blank Riders (RC) name.
  5. Non-Family Eligibility
    1. A non-Member who has contributed significantly, and who continues to support the Point Blank Riders (RC) on a consistent basis, may be eligible for Associate Membership if accepted and voted in by the majority of the Point Blank Riders (RC) Club's Full Patch Members.
  6. Widows of Fallen Members
    1. The widow of a fallen Member may maintain her Associate Membership indefinitely, if she had been inducted into the brotherhood prior to losing her Member. If she had not been inducted into the brotherhood prior to losing her Member, the widow of a fallen Member may be inducted into the Associates by majority vote of the Club and its Associates. If the Club sees fit, a vote may be held to induct the Member’s widow into the Club as an Honorary Full Patch Member.

VIII. Colors

  1. Meaning of Colors
    1. Point Blank Riders (RC) strives to break the mold of what a ride club is, adding our own flavor to the set. As a ride a club we have adopted sleeves worn on our left arm to signify membership of the club.
  2. Placement of Colors
    1. Point Blank Riders (RC) members have the option of wearing a Point Blank Riders Apex Vest or their PBR Sleeve.
    2. Point Blank Riders (RC) members will wear their sleeve colors only on the left arm. The sleeve must be placed above and over any riding gear and full leathers.

IX. Club Monies

  1. Application Fee & Dues
    1. Prospect members shall pay a one-time fee of $20.00 to Point Blank Riders (RC). Thereafter, $20.00 shall be paid monthly by the Member to the Club. the Club Treasurer is responsible for collecting and paying dues for each Member. All membership dues and fees are non-refundable. Club dues may also be "worked' off through extra curricular events, i.e. Car Washes, BBQ's, Road Sponsorship, Cleaning of Clubhouse etc.
  2. Club Accounts
    1. The Club has created an account. The President, Vice President and Treasurer will be listed as co-signers on the account. The Club has drafted up a legally binding agreement signed by all co-signers regarding the proper handling of Club Funds, which will clearly articulate: who can withdraw money, use a debit card, or sign checks on the account, and how much money can be spent without a council vote. 
  3. Non-Refundable Dues & Fees
    1. All Membership dues and fees are non-refundable.

X. Participation and Club Decisions

  1. Meeting Times & Locations
    1. The Council shall designate meeting times and locations.  The Council is required to meet at least once every 30 days.  Each Member is expected to attend at least 5 scheduled meetings, and assist in at least 6 events per calendar year.  Special exceptions can be made to this rule if the Club President/Vice-President deems it necessary.
  2. All Votes at Club Churches
    1. All votes will take place at Club Church. No Club decisions will be made unless a majority vote can be reached. An absentee vote shall be allowed by a Full Member if that absentee Member forwards his vote to the President/Vice-President prior to the end of the meeting for new membership or general decision making votes. Titled Position voting will be held in person as to allow the entirety of the club to discuss and hear out the candidates running.
  3. Day-to-Day Decisions
    1. Club decisions pertaining to the day to day operation of the Point Blank Riders (RC) can be made by the President/Vice-President between scheduled meetings. The President/Vice-President may use his discretion to make decisions for the betterment of the Club.  However, no decision requiring the use of Point Blank Riders (RC) monies (over $100) shall be made without a proper vote at a designated meeting.

XI. Elections

  1. Titled
    1. The five titled positions (Pres, VP, Treas, Admin, Sgt) are elected positions for 2 years. You must have sat on a council position to be eligible to run for titled. In the event a titled position does not get re-elected they will drop down to one of the vacant council positions. This is to ensure club direction and goal is maintained,
    1. Council
      1. The four council postions are elected yearly. All full members who have met the below requirements of the previous season are eligible to run for council.
      2. New election - The member running for Council must have attended fifteen (15) club events in the prior calendar year. This includes all club sanctioned events and members meetings, as council is expected to show up more this shows the member is in line with approx 50% of the total events for the year.
      3. Re-Election - Council who wishes run and retain their position must have attended twenty five (25) club events in the prior calendar year. This includes all club sanctioned events, members meetings AND council meetings. As council is required to attend more this is in line with approx 60% of the total events for the year.

      XII. Club Image

      1. Formal Agreements
        1. The Point Blank Riders (RC) has entered into agreements with certain fulfillment companies with respect to the management of Club image and merchandising.  For this reason, no Point Blank Riders (RC) Club Member may reproduce the Point Blank Riders (RC) image on any clothing, apparel, accessories, or web media without express written permission of the Point Blank Riders (RC) Council.  All purchases of merchandise or graphic representation of the Point Blank Riders (RC) colors must be made with the Point Blank Riders (RC). fulfillment agreements will be in effect until a new formal agreement is reached by the Point Blank Riders (RC).
      2. Purchasing Colors
        1. All purchases of Point Blank Riders (RC) colors, merchandise, or other materials must be made through the Point Blank Riders (RC) Council.  The Point Blank Riders (RC) image may, however, be reproduced on fliers and/or stationary at the discretion of the Council (with the direct and specific permission from the President). The Point Blank Riders (RC) has the right to cease any Club’s colors reproduction for any reason at any time.
      3. Non-Partisan Representation
        1. The Point Blank Riders (RC) is a non-partisan entity, and does not promote political activism of any kind.  As such, the Point Blank Riders (RC) colors must never be represented at political rallies, campaign activities, demonstrations, or any other event meant to promote a political agenda.  The Point Blank Riders (RC) name must never be associated with a Member’s personal political beliefs.

      XIII. Leaving the Club

      1. Member Resignation
        1. If a Full Patched Member leaves the Club for any reason, he must submit his resignation in writing to the appropriate leadership. Upon the Member’s resignation, his Associate must leave the Club with him. If the Associate would like to remain a part of the Club after her Member has left the Club, she may make an appeal to the Club’s leadership.
      2. Associate Resignation
        1. If an Associate wishes to leave the Club, she may do so for any reason and without risk to the Membership status of the Full Patched Member to whom she is associated. An Associate’s resignation must be submitted in writing to the Club’s leadership via a Full Patched Member.
      3. Divorce, Separation, or Parting of Ways
        1. In the event of divorce, separation, or another parting of ways between a Full Patched Member and his Associate, the rights of both the Full Patched Member and the Associate will be respected equally by the Club. The Associate will be expected to leave the Club without risk to the Membership status of the Full Patched Member. If the Associate wishes to remain with the Club, an appeal will be made to the Club’s leadership with a minimum 30 day waiting period. Such appeals will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

      XIV. Termination of Membership

      1. Annual Membership Review
        1. Point Blank Riders (RC) will review Membership status yearly on the basis of participation, behavior, continuing background checks, and overall dedication to the Club and its mission.  If a Member is found to be in bad standing, the Point Blank Riders (RC) will decide if that Member shall be counseled, suspended, or terminated. The President for the territory in which the individual holds Membership will be notified and may also be involved in counseling.
      2. Dismissal Procedures
        1. Membership of any Point Blank Riders (RC) Member shall be terminated if that Member has submitted a written request for dismissal to the President and/or Vice President of his Club.  The President and/or Vice President shall respond in writing to that request with permission of dismissal. Upon dismissal of a Member, all Point Blank Riders (RC) Colors (and any other material or digital Club property) will be returned to the Club immediately.  Point Blank Riders (RC). Former Members and non-Members are prohibited from wearing Point Blank Riders (RC) Colors unless in a supporter capacity, per the discretion of the Club. (Any and all disagreements will be brought to a vote.)
      3. Conduct Unbecoming of a Patch Holder
        1. Termination can occur if any Member is found to have engaged in activities (online, in public, or within his family) that are unbecoming of a Patch Holder and reflect poorly on the Club as a whole, as defined in the Codes of Conduct.  Any Club President has the right to call a motion to have a Member suspended or voted out for conduct unbecoming of a Patch Holder. Once evidence is gathered and presented to all Club Members, a vote will be held. No decisions for termination will be made unless a majority vote can be reached.  If the Member is voted out, he or she must immediately turn in the Point Blank Riders (RC) Colors to a current Member in good standing, relinquish control of any digital information (Facebook account, email account, or otherwise), and relinquish control of any other Point Blank Riders (RC) property (bank account, trademark, etc).  Any removed Member found in violation of the above requests after being excommunicated from the Point Blank Riders (RC) will be subject to litigation.
      4. Violation of Bylaws
        1. If a Patch Holder has violated the Bylaws and/or Code of Conduct to the degree that the violation has become known to The Council, The Council will discuss the issue and propose a plan for dealing with the violation; that proposal will be communicated through the President. The Club will have the opportunity to deal with the offending Member.

      XV. Conditions for Suspension or Termination

      1. Club Integrity
        1. The attitude of each Member (full, Prospect or Associate) shall maintain a positive level of enthusiasm for the Club’s mission and accomplishments.  Creating animosity and/or consistently displaying a negative attitude toward Club business shall be identified as harmful to the Club’s integrity, and shall be dealt with accordingly.
      2. Chain of Command
        1. All Point Blank Riders (RC) Members are expected to respect the chain of command established in the Point Blank Riders (RC) Constitution and By-laws.  The chain of command is as follows: Prospect Members may defer to their sponsors; Associates defer to the Full Patch Member to whom they are associated; Full Members defer to the The Council, Council refer to the President and Vice President, Vice President refers to the President. No Point Blank Riders (RC) Member or Associate may make changes to Club operations, documents, patches, intellectual property, or announce any Club decisions outside of these provisions. Failure to commit to this chain of command may result in a formal inquiry.
      3. Failure to Pay Dues
        1. Failure to pay dues will result in an inquiry. If a Member is unable to pay dues due to reasons deemed acceptable by the The Council, arrangements can be made to meet necessary dues. Dues not paid for a succession of 60 days will result in suspension of Point Blank Riders (RC) Colors until dues can be brought current. Dues left delinquent for a 6 month period will result in Membership termination.
      4. Criminal Charges
        1. Any Member charged with a criminal matter shall be reviewed by The Council immediately according to the severity of the circumstances. The Council will have final jurisdiction over the proper handling of a Member charged with a criminal offense.
          1. Exceptions: Traffic Violations.
      5. Written Notification
        1. A Member who has been suspended for any reason shall be notified in writing by the Club President/Vice-President.
      6. Suspension or Termination Procedures
        1. If any suspension leads to termination, that termination shall be voted upon during a scheduled meeting by all attending Full Patch Members (or in cases of extreme urgency or flagrant violation of by-laws, just The Council).  Each Member will be notified of the situation, and a vote will be held. If a Member cannot attend the scheduled meeting, that Member shall forward his or her vote to the Club President/Vice-President, or abstain from the vote entirely.  Majority vote will determine whether the Member in question is to be terminated, or whether full Membership rights can be regained. The same will hold true if the vote is rendered by all The Council rather than the Members of the Club.  This instance could occur if several Members from the Club were in violation of the by-laws, and a majority vote could be reached within the Club. If the majority of a Club is in violation of the Bylaws, the issue will be presented to the The Council, and a majority decision will determine any punitive measures taken against the Club.
      7. Disciplinary Action
        1. Disciplinary action toward any Member for violation of the Point Blank Riders (RC) Constitution and By-laws will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and all circumstances surrounding the issue shall be considered.  Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to: verbal reprimand, written reprimand, probation, suspension, fines or termination. Disciplinary action of any kind shall be documented and included in that Member’s file for future review.  Any issues and/or concerns that do not result in disciplinary actions, but have in some form disrupted the mission of the Point Blank Riders (RC), will also be included in the Member’s file for future review. That file shall be maintained by the Club Secretary, and hosted on the Point Blank Riders (RC) Forum with full visibility to The Council.
      8. Membership Reinstatement
        1. A suspended Member who wishes to be reinstated must submit a written request to the Club President/Vice-President.  If the suspension resulted in dues or monies owed, that debt shall be paid in full before reinstatement in the Point Blank Riders (RC). 
      9. Formal Hearing Requests
        1. Any Member who has been subjected to suspension or termination has the ability to request a formal hearing with the Point Blank Riders (RC). The hearing will be presided over by the Council and any other Club Members.  This hearing shall be the suspended or terminated Member’s opportunity to make a case for him or herself for immediate reinstatement into the Club. Upon completion of the discussion, the subject in question shall remove himself or herself from the room.  The attending Members must approve the actions taken by the Council with a majority vote. If the attending Members do not support the actions taken by the Point Blank Riders (RC), then the subject in question shall be immediately reinstated with full privileges.
      10. Right to Revoke Membership
        1. Point Blank Riders (RC) reserves the right to decline an application or revoke a Membership at any time for any reason.

      XVI. Disclaimer

      Membership with the Point Blank Riders (RC) is voluntary.  As such, Point Blank Riders (RC) shall not be held responsible for any acts of God, negligence, members, or other motorists, that result in injury or death.