Intermediate Group Rules

Intermediate Group group is less supervised and structured than the Novice group. Instructors observe riding ability and encourage faster or slower riders to move up or down a group. Passing is allowed everywhere except the inside of corners. The structure of this group may change to more closely resemble either the Advanced or Beginner group, depending on the group’s overall riding ability.

On track time: Every group gets 20 minutes on the track per hour and up to 140 minutes per day. Intermediate group starts at the middle of the hour. ex. 8:20-8:40, 9:20-9:40 etc etc. With the exception of the first orientation lap, and unforeseen accidents we stick to this timeframe. You're able to enter the track at any point during your 20 minutes, but you must exit the track when the checkered flag waves.

Passing: Passes on the Inside & Outside is accepted. Please allow a 6 foot radius when passing.

Motorcycle - must be free of leaks, clean.

Oil - If your oil has recently been changed, CHECK YOUR DRAIN PLUG AND OIL FILTER!

Chain – The chain and sprockets must be in good condition, lubricated, and properly adjusted
with about .5" of free play.

Steering - Must not interfere with cables or fairing - Proper range of motion with steering stops
in place.

Brakes - Firm Brake lever, not mushy, must NOT come back to the handlebar - Rear brake
must be operational.

Forks - Forks must have smooth travel and seals without leaks.

Throttle – Must snap back to the closed position. The throttle should be properly adjusted and
snap back to the closed position.

Tires - Street tires 50% tread - Track tires, good wear. Tire pressure is very Important to
understand - tires work best when a target hot pressure is achieved.

Lights & Signals – The fuse block on most motorcycles is easy to access. Please remove the head light, tail light, and signal fuses. If the lenses are not polycarbonate, they need to be taped. Brake lights must not visible from behind your bike.

Back Protector - Mandatory

Chest Protector - Recommended

Textile Jacket - Accepted
Textile Pants - Accepted
(They MUST zip together)

One piece or Two piece Racing Leathers - Recommended

Leather Boots - Mandatory
(Must cover ankle)

Gauntlet Style Gloves - Mandatory

Typical Track Day

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    Track opens at 6pm the night before the event with security all night. You are able to arrive anytime after this to setup your pit area. There is a $5 Gate fee PER person. Please bring cash.

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    When you first get to the track, either the night before or that morning, you find a spot to designate as your pit area. Registration and technical inspection (tech) open at 7 a.m. on the event. Alternatively we may do a pre-registration through email.

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    Listen up for an announcement about the riders’ meeting — this is a short meeting (about half an hour) focused on track learning rather than theory. You’ll also be notified of any changes to the schedule, track hazards and other important information to enhance your track day.

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    The next step is to take your sportbike and riding gear to tech inspection. Preparation is key. If you follow the guide we provided, and don’t leave any items up to chance, you will pass inspection.

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    Pending weather and safety conditions, you can expect about (7) 20-minute track sessions per event. To ensure safety and to maintain a controlled environment with minimal track traffic, all riders are categorized into riding classifications according to skill level (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) and the number of participants per group is limited. Some minor bike preparation is required, depending on riding group, Instructors will be on track to ensure rider safety and provide riding instruction. Ask them any track or tech questions you have and benefit from their experience and advice. They’ll tell you what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong and what you should do to refine your ride and elevate your skill.



The track is live, let's ride!


-- USE CAUTION. No Passing


This is where the caution is. Please use caution, be prepared to avoid debris.


The is emergency on the track. You must exit the track at the end of the lap. Ride cautiously and watch for hazards.


This is the corner with the emergency. -- USE CAUTION. Expect debris.


Something has happened and we need to discuss it with you. Finish your lap then head over to the Hot Pit.


You have finished your session. Finish the current lap your on and then exit the track.